The struggle is real. As avid beauty enthusiasts or just regular humans who wish to level up their skincare game, we are overwhelmed by an endless array of products with flashy ingredients; each proclaimed by the industry to be essential, “the next hot thing” that will keep us looking young. While some are indeed remarkable and promising, thus living up to the hype; it is important to remember that there are a number of other factors that contribute to maintaining youthful skin. All the confusion and stress involved in having to follow a“zillion” number of skincare steps sure isn’t helping our complexion! Luckily, 2022 is all about streamlining our beauty regimens and adopting a more minimalist, approach to beauty. It is about being your own skin “whisperer” so to speak: Paying close attention to your skin’s needs while choosing quality products that match your skin type and concerns, rather than overdosing on active ingredients that do not necessarily go well together. The idea is to incorporate less harsh, more effective “active” ingredients into our regimens that are also sustainable and eco-minded.

When it comes to skincare there is no “one size fits all” and consistency is key. In order for any product or ingredient to work, it needs to be used regularly and over a period of time. Three months is usually sufficient for most to yield noticeable results. A cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen for the morning is as streamlined as it can get as you need to prep your skin for the day and protect it from the sun and environmental damage. Your night time ritual on the other hand, should involve steps that will repair any damage thereby healing the skin barrier, nourishing the skin and targeting any skin concerns with potent active ingredients.

Cleansing 101

In order for any skin product to work, you must begin with a clean canvas. Active ingredients are not readily absorbed if the skin is not thoroughly cleansed and moisturized. The idea is to purify the skin and “embrace” it with moisture, allowing ingredients to penetrate the skin easily. Double cleansing is essential, considering we use SPF every day. Try to avoid drying your skin which will inevitably make fines lines to become more visible and your skin to feel tight and look less elastic. Oil-based cleansers and foams are efficient at emulsifying makeup products with thick consistencies like foundation and lipstick without drying the skin. This step can then be followed by a water-based cleanser which will further unclog pores and eliminate impurities.

Refine and polish

Peeling is of the essence for thorough cleansing and for target skin care products to work effectively. It is a step that should be reserved for night time when the skin has time to recover and find its Ph balance. Take a hint from Sade, the queen of soul music and be your own “Smooth Operator” by exfoliating your skin with an Alpha Hydroxyl Acid to achieve a smooth surface. AHA’s like Gliycolic and Lactic Acids are water-soluble and provide an equalized skin tone. BHA’s (Beta Hydroxyl Acid) are more suitable for combination and oily skin and go deeper to work on pigmentation caused by sun damage. If you have dry and sensitive skin, integrate acids into your routine slowly.

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