Briefly explained, the main difference between hydrolyzed collagen peptides and raw collagen is, hydrolyzed collagen is a fragmented form of collagen that has been subjected to hydrolysis. Collagen has a very large structure, and this large structure is naturally difficult to digest and absorb. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides, on the other hand, are obtained through the breakdown of collagen proteins and are thus much faster and easier to digest or absorb through the skin.

Protein, which is created by enzymes separating the building blocks of raw collagen, has been consumed for centuries to protect and improve human health. Collagen is now used to help people live healthier lives, have more beautiful skin, appear fitter, and improve joint and bone health. Several scientific studies have shown that hydrolyzed collagen is easily and quickly absorbed by the human body. This situation can be backed up with data. According to researches, more than 90% of collagen peptides are digested and absorbed within a few hours of ingestion. This rapid absorption allows collagen peptides and amino acids, which are essential for the body, to perform their functions more effectively.



Hydrolyzed collagens are used as a basic or supporting component in a variety of industries. For more information on the subject, please see our blog post titled "Hydrolyzed collagen and usage areas" which was published in the previous months.

Here is a piece of our blog article “Hydrolyzed collagen and usage areas”.


Companies from various industries use CollaSel-quality collagen in their products. The cosmetics industry is one of these industries. Companies operating in this field prefer hydrolyzed collagen peptide in skin and hair care products. In the food industry, hydrolyzed collagen peptide is often used in supplements, functional foods, granular products, instant drinks, liquid foods and sports drinks. The pharmaceutical industry uses hydrolyzed collagen peptide in food supplements, ampoules and granular products. We can also say that hydrolyzed collagen peptide is used as a food supplement in animal feed in addition to these.