The actions we take in our daily life, our diet, and to how much stress we are exposed to, have important effects on our physical development. Especially when more ready-to-eat foods are consumed, our body may react differently than before and we may have to resort to different supports as a result of these reactions.

Collagen continues to decrease in every person’s body day by day, especially due to conditions such as nutrition, aging, and inactivity brought by business life. In such cases, CollaSel consumption is a good support for both optimizing joint health and slowing down the decrease in collagen level.


While collagen deficiency can lead to different results in each individual, the symptoms are generally the same. In this article, we have compiled the symptoms of collagen deficiency and the benefits of CollaSel support for the body.


While collagen deficiency is reflected in many areas in our body, the most important is its effects on the skin. Collagen deficiency, which is the most prominent and accelerates aging, is one of the common complaints. If you feel effects such as wrinkles on the skin, decrease in tension, loss of moisture, it is possible to say that there is a loss of collagen in your skin. In such cases, CollaSel support slows down the aging of the skin and alleviates the effects. It also maintains moisture and pH balance, helps you get more effective results by penetrating the skin layers that creams cannot reach.


Another important effect of collagen deficiency is dullness and weakening of hair and nails. If your hair is shedding, weakening, and grows slowly, if your nails are weak and peeling, you may be facing collagen deficiency. Thanks to the proline amino acid contained in CollaSel, it helps strengthen keratin, which is the main component of hair. Collagen is also the basic protein that forms the skin layer where the hair follicles are located, and by protecting this layer, it prevents your hair from weakening and accelerates its growth.


When we examine collagen over the other domain of joint structure, it is seen that supporting joint health with collagen is one of the most important steps. Osteoarthritis, the most common cause of joint pain, occurs due to the wear and degeneration of the cartilage tissue in our joints. Since the cartilages are mostly composed of collagen, joint pain or loss of flexibility is common in possible collagen deficiencies. In such cases, CollaSel helps you and ensures that you do not experience negativity such as pain.


Add mobility to your life with CollaSel support

CollaSel continues to increase its value in the sector with its support to brands. If you think you have collagen deficiency, you can eliminate the symptoms with products with CollaSel and step into a better quality of life!

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