These days the summer heat is replaced by the coolness of autumn, but these changes do not prevent outdoor activity enthusiasts from going out. On the contrary, activities performed at high temperatures force people, while activities performed in cooler weather can be more fruitful and enjoyable.

Keep moving for a healthy life

The importance of moving for a healthier life has been emphasized by experts in recent years. Those who want to heed the call of the experts and lead a healthier life end up in the gyms. However, gyms may not appeal to everyone because they are indoor spaces. Especially during the pandemic period, people prefer to spend time in the fresh air rather than doing sports inside their very homes.

Outdoor activity alternatives

When it comes to outdoor activities, the first thing that comes to mind is activities such as running and walking. However, outdoor activities are not limited to these. If we take a brief look at other activities;

Basketball: Basketball, which can strengthen motor skills and body coordination, can also help you burn large amounts of calories and keep you fit.

Bicycle: Cycling, which can help with joint mobility and strengthen bones, can also reduce your stress level.

Yoga: Yoga, which can work the mind, body and spirit together; It can help you have a flexible body, as well as help regulate your digestive system and strengthen your immune system.

CollaSel: Your assistant in outdoor activities

CollaSel, Turkey’s first collagen, benefits those who want to engage in outdoor activities thanks to the beneficial peptides it contains.

CollaSel, which is good for joints and tendons, helps you to be fitter and stay healthy while experiencing all these activities.

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