CollaSel has become a collagen pioneer owing to its years of experience, quality, and reliability. As one of the most important companies in its industry, it continues to enlighten the pathways of those who come after it, while taking solid and confident strides forward by redefining concepts such as "being healthy and well" and "happy aging."


CollaSel, one of the leading manufacturers in the rapidly expanding hydrolyzed collagen industry, intends to further strengthen its position in the field through future investments.

CollaSel is all over the world.

As one of the leading brands in the hydrolyzed collagen industry, CollaSel continues to develop products with its business partners from all over the world and stands behind them not only during the production phase but throughout the whole sales process and even beyond. CollaSel has shown the whole industry that it is a reliable, innovative, and solution-focused partner thanks to this approach, and it has been able to grab the attention of companies all over the world. The collagen pioneer, which has established long-term, stable, and productive business collaborations, strives to increase its market share in the hydrolyzed collagen industry on a constant basis.


As we work toward our goals, we're moving forward with a sustainable and innovative strategy to make the best use of the world's resources, protect the environment, and take good care of it. In line with this plan, we make a difference by collaborating with our internal and external partners to develop our industry, our environment, and our employees. We recognize and embrace this difference as the foundation of our business practices.


Reliance from experience


As Turkey's first hydrolyzed collagen peptide and gelatine producer, we continue to work and develop in order to best preserve the knowledge and experience we have gained from our roots. CollaSel, the brand of Sel Sanayi, established under the roof of Tezman Holding, produces hydrolyzed collagen peptides from bovine hides for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, sports, and health industries. CollaSel, the result of Sel Sanayi's experience of more than half a century, has evolved into a brand that drives change and sets trends in the sector.


Sel Sanayi, which is accredited by the European Union, adheres to the food processes established by the European Union and monitors the whole production process using a specialized computer program. Due to this approach, substantial efforts have been made to become a worldwide manufacturer and an influential force in the industry's flow.


CollaSel, which has succeeded in establishing itself among the world's leading brands owing to its superior quality, continues to strive for the top by constantly enhancing its procedures. Contact us for the collagen supplementation your products need to further your formulation.

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