We long for our beds, even yearn to lie in them with hopes of drifting off into a restful sleep at the end of a busy day. It does not always go as planned though, does it? An unhealthy lifestyle and less-than-ideal sleeping conditions may negatively affect the quality of our night rest. This is where the notion of “clean sleeping” kicks in. It is a movement that evolved in recent years to fix sleeping habits and improve quality of sleep, with positive changes on overall health and wellbeing. Not sleeping well or enough is detrimental to the functioning of the metabolism, as well as our hormones. It may lead us to develop poor eating habits and to gain weight. We may experience brain fog, become irritable and have mood swings, not to mention develop depression. As our immune system weakens, our body becomes prone to viral and bacterial infections, heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, our skin and hair benefit immensely from adequate amounts of quality sleep and suffer greatly, when deprived. Sleeping Beauty ought to know!