There is a direct proportion between the terms sport and nutrition. So much so that the way to success in sports is through basic nutrition. All kinds of macro and micronutrients, energy and fluid are of great importance for athletes of all levels to reach their goals. This macronutrient group consists of natural protein, carbohydrates and fats. Among these 3 basic macronutrients, the most important for athletes is natural proteins.


Natural proteins, which consist of many building blocks known as amino acids, have many functions in our body, such as giving structure to cells, catalyzing metabolic reactions, DNA replication, responding to stimuli, and transporting molecules from one place to another. Natural proteins, with their properties such as giving structure to cells and repairing muscle tears in a short time, are the most valuable nutritional sources for muscle development, which is very important for athletes.


How should natural proteins be consumed?


The intake of natural proteins is also important, it is recommended to spread them throughout the day and to consume them regularly with other macronutrients. Natural proteins taken after sports will help to nourish the muscles continuously, repair the muscle destruction that occurs during sports and create the necessary building blocks for the construction of new muscle tissue. Pre-sports consumption is also recommended, as is the post-sports consumption of natural proteins.


Collagen and sports


In short, collagen is the name given to the protein that resides between the tissues in people's bodies and plays a role in the strengthening of these tissues. Collagen, which is produced naturally by the body, decreases with aging. This decrease causes the muscles to lose their strength, damage the joints and decrease the fat burning. In order to prevent these negative factors, it is recommended to take collagen supplements.


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