Collagen supports significant and vital body parts such as skin, muscles, and joints. In particular, its benefits for the skin occupy an important place in the skin care product industry. Collagen’s benefit to the skin, however, is not limited to the skin, defined as a network that surrounds our body. When discussing the skin benefits of collagen, hair and nails should be included, too.


Skin, hair, and nails are composed of cells containing proteins similar to each other. We can list these proteins as keratin, elastin, and collagen. These proteins, which are essential for hair and nails, give the appearance of being healthier and stronger.

Hair and nail reflections of collagen deficiency

Its deficiency manifests itself in a variety of ways throughout the body. Of course, hair and nails are also affected by this deficiency. For more information, please see our previous blog post titled "Reduce the symptoms of collagen deficiency in the joints and body with CollaSel."


Here is a piece of the blog content titled "Reduce the symptoms of collagen deficiency in the joints and body with CollaSel".


Another important effect of the deficiency is the dullness and weakening of hair and nails. If your hair is shedding, weakening, and growing slowly, and if your nails are weak and peeling, you may be facing collagen deficiency. Thanks to the proline amino acid contained in CollaSel, it helps strengthen keratin, which is the main component of hair. Collagen is also the basic protein that forms the skin layer where the hair follicles are located and protecting this layer, prevents your hair from weakening and accelerates its growth.

You can visit our blog content, “Reduce the symptoms of collagen deficiency in the joints and body with CollaSel” by clicking on the piece above.

Shiny Hairs

Hair loss is a common problem among both men and women. This shedding can be greatly reduced by the use of collagen. Hair loss is unavoidable because the amount of proteins essential for hair in the human body decreases over time. Supplements increase the number of important proteins in the body, making hair appear fuller and more vibrant. The hair shines as a result.

Strong nails

Collagen has a direct impact on the hand and nails. To protect and improve nail health, the body's essential protein levels must be above a certain criterion. Essential protein levels are supported by supplements; it prevents breakage and cracking, ensures healthy nail growth, and helps in maintaining proper nail form. In a nutshell, it allows you to look healthier, more natural and more beautiful. 


With its expertise, CollaSel can take any formula it is included in one step further. It also supports many products on the market for hair and nail health. CollaSel, which provides high-quality and dependable collagen raw materials to its global business partners, continues to shape the sectors in which collagen is used.

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