The lengthy and complicated process of life can be readily associated with CollaSel unique & fairly distinct wellness approach. Just like we feel differently at the differentiated phases of life - feel distinct emotions, have diverse thoughts and antecedence- our body also experiences shifts all along with ourselves. Although each lane of this shift is perceived prominently, its importance for our health remains indispensable. To put it differently, the main measure of the transformations in our body to be assessed should be formalized or shaped in accordance with how these changes affect our quality of life and health. Although our image and ideas about ourselves are still crucial, our health should be paramount to determinations about our bodies.

Therefore, how should we approach such notions as wellness and holistic health?


What is wellness and how is it implemented?

When the topic comes to wellness, at the same time we are discussing an adaptable concept. We are talking about comprehensive & holistic health, which includes better nutrition, better exercise, better sleep, and better mental health. Although the conception of wellness is reckoned in terms of feeling good and well-being nowadays, eventually it is also related to the operations of the body, the efficiency of our bodily functions. Briefly, the vast majority of the routines we select for our well-being and better living can be evaluated according to this sort. Additionally, we can suggest that many social, psychological, and physical actions can be discussed in this specific category. Hence, just a single action will not be sufficient to become a physically, mentally, and socially healthy person, and these actions must be in an order that should complete each other accordingly.


Executions of Wellness

This era’s generally picked instances for the wellness activities that are sports, meditation, yoga, activities held in nature, pilates, nutrition/diet types, detox, and patterns that do not incorporate any medical intervention. With the rapid popularization of these wellness applications, their accessibility has also increased and outstretched to larger portions of people. One of the currents behind the very diversification of these exercises is that different civilizations have innately lived like this and also contained them for a very long time.


Likewise, it is entirely doable to say that these patterns have lived throughout the history of humankind, in some respects. The multiplicity of those applications has appeared with the growth of modern medical practices and the publications on the topic of wellness. The differentiation of the understanding of modern medicine from a medicine-based and an interventionist approach, as well as its transition to a stance that eliminates the causes of disease when this is not an option, to solve problems with a process approach, has led to the diversification of practices that connected to wellness understandings. Additionally, the reformulation of natural ingredients for “wellness” practices, the usages of proper formulae in tools, or the foundation of more promising areas of use of commonly used components thanks to extending technologies can be given as instances. Clearly, these areas are of interest to CollaSel.






What is hydrolyzed collagen?

What are the effects of hydrolyzed collagen on better aging?

CollaSel hydrolyzed collagen peptide is an element that is made as an outcome of the disintegration of the basics of plain collagen by enzymes. Whereas collagen peptides are tiny molecules staged by enzyme hydrolysis and have a more undersized molecular poundage than gelatin. Collagen peptides do not have a gelling effect like gelatin and are soluble in colder water. Collagen peptide is also used in different functional foods and standard nutritive supplements due to its well-known and acknowledged health advantages.


Analyses reveal that more than 90% of peptides are recapped and absorbed within a few hours of consumption. This rapid absorption assures that peptides and amino acids, which are crucial for the body, virtually reach their place of the task in the body.

Collagen peptides revitalize the tissues in the skin, bones, muscles, and joints by bracing the amino acids needed by the body, and at the same time reinforcing the tissue structures by enhancing the contact between cells, providing and accelerating the synthesis and regulation of collagen fibers.

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