Staying young has always been and will continue to be a popular topic. That’s why research and studies continue uninterruptedly to unravel the secrets of staying young. On the other hand, the inevitability of aging is an undeniable fact, but it is not just the face that needs to be worried about, it is also an aging condition of the skin. So where can we start to do to postpone this? Of course, we must first pay attention to collagen, which is the building block of our body. Therefore, in this article, we will first get to know collagen and then talk about how collagen should be used according to age.


What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It provides structure to skin, hair, nails, bones and connective tissues. Therefore, it is of great importance. However, as the body begins to age, collagen production decreases with age and some visible symptoms appear. Some of them are the beginning of sagging of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles or the beginning of a decrease in bone strength. In order to reduce the effects of such situations, it is necessary to support the body’s collagen level. Taking collagen supplements may be beneficial, however, the most important step is to start collagen supplements at the right time to really feel the effect.


How should collagen be used according to age?

While lifestyle factors also affect the collagen rate, one of the most important issue is that the production of amino acids decreases with age. It may seem beneficial to start taking collagen supplements. However, in order to benefit from this benefit properly, it is necessary to start in the right age range. As we get older the body produces less collagen and the existing collagen breaks down quickly because the body produces a lot of collagen in the first few years of childhood and adulthood. By the age of 20, collagen production begins to decrease. Especially in women, a serious decrease in collagen is observed after menopause.


In summary, it is very important to be sensitive to our skin in order to understand the dynamics of our body and respond to its needs. Being conscious of even the smallest change in our appearance allows us to make the right decisions at the right time. As soon as we realize the changing of our body to collagen decline, which is a natural process of aging, we can take precautions. Therefore, the use of collagen in the right age range, taking into account individual differences and needs, and compatible with health goals, can help us protect our skin.


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