CollaSel contributes to joint mobility thanks to the hydrolyzed collagen peptide it produces. Joints, which are the structure that minimizes friction at the junction of two bones, play an active role in the movement of body limbs. Joints help the bones in the human body stay together and provide freedom of movement to the person. Collagen is a protein consisting of amino acids and thank to its structure it helps to protect bone and joint health.


Protecting and strengthening the joints, which are of vital importance for general health and freedom of movement, is an issue that needs attention. If joint health is not taken care of, negative situations can be encountered with advancing age. CollaSel continues to be with you by offering solutions to protect your joint health thanks to its hydrolyzed collagen peptide formula.


To maintain joint health

Collagen contributes thoroughly to bone and joint health. However, some things need to be done other than collagen supplementation to maintain bone and joint health. There are things to be considered to protect the joints, which there are crucial parts of the human body. As with almost every issue related to health, a balanced diet also has a great effect on joint health. Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D can help keep your bones and therefore your joints strong.


Weight control and exercise are other important considerations. You can reduce the load on your joints by getting rid of excess weight, and you can strengthen your joints by staying in motion. Such considerations can also be combined with collagen supplementation to help you maintain bone and joint health.


Effect of collagen on joints

Actions such as diet, weight control and exercise mentioned above may not be enough to protect joint health. Particularly, the decrease in collagen level due to age can leave the joints vulnerable. In such cases, taking collagen supplements opens the doors to a better life for people.


CollaSel, Turkey’s first hydrolyzed collagen peptide producer, is the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to collagen with its experience and quality. You can add CollaSel to your products and give your joints the collagen supplement they need. You can review our website and contact our expert team to get more information about CollaSel.

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