Before mentioning the areas of usage, it is important to understand what hydrolyzed collagen peptide is. Collagen is named differently in different forms, despite the fact that it is functional at the same points in terms of structure. Hydrolyzed collagen peptide, which we will go through in this blog post, is the protein formed as a result of the separation of the constituents of raw collagen by enzymes and has been consumed for centuries to protect and improve human health.

Hydrolyzed collagen peptide is absorbed very easily and quickly by the body, according to scientific studies. So much so that within a few hours of consumption, more than 90% is completely absorbed and digested.

Industries using hydrolyzed collagen peptide

Companies from various industries use CollaSel-quality collagen in their products. The cosmetics industry is one of these industries. Companies operating in this field prefer hydrolyzed collagen peptide in skin and hair care products. In the food industry, hydrolyzed collagen peptide is often used in supplements, functional foods, granular products, instant drinks, liquid foods and sports drinks. The pharmaceutical industry uses hydrolyzed collagen peptide in food supplements, ampoules and granular products. We can also say that hydrolyzed collagen peptide is used as a food supplement in animal feed in addition to these.

And so much more

Other than the industries mentioned above, hydrolyzed collagen peptide is preferred in other areas. We can categorize these areas as a nutraceutical, sports and healthy aging.

People who do physical exercise prefer products containing hydrolyzed collagen peptide. As a result, companies in the sports industry include collagen in their products. Products containing collagen, which are beneficial to joint and muscle tissues, are an important part of the sports industry, where improved performance is always the goal.

As for the negative effects of aging on the skin, hydrolyzed collagen peptide has benefits that can be described as almost miraculous. Collagen, which helps to tighten the skin and increase its elasticity, is often preferred by companies that produce products that facilitate healthy aging.

Nutraceutical products and their relationship with it

Nutraceutical products must be considered in an entirely separate section. Nutraceutical was created by combining two foreign concepts, nutrition, and the pharmaceutical industry. If we define this term broadly, it refers to nutrients or nutritional components that are prepared as drugs and used for therapeutic purposes. Although these products are prepared in the form of medicines, they are not considered medicines.

Nutraceutical products are formed by collecting the active substances in food in carriers such as non-food tablets and capsules in order to protect or treat human health. The goal is to transport active substances that are beneficial to human health in much higher and concentrated amounts in carriers such as tablets and capsules.  

Hydrolyzed collagen peptide is preferred as one of the active substances of these products.

CollaSel continues to be the market leader by being produced with Sel Sanayi’s experience of more than half a century.


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